Workaround for images as Primary field?


I have a table of companies, and in that table a field containing attachments of each company’s logo. Another larger table references the Company table and I want the company logo to show next to the company name for every record of the larger table. I would have done this by creating the logos as their own table with each logo as the primary record. However, this cannot be done for primary records - only text.

Is there a way of perhaps linking a table to a field on another table that is not the primary field?

Or another solution perhaps?

The alternative is to create an attachment field in the larger table and manually insert every logo into every record, very tedious and time consuming :frowning:


May not be ideal, but you could use a Lookup field in your larger table to pull in the company logo field from the Company that is linked, and place that Lookup field right next to the linked company field.


Thanks Jeremy! Will give that a try.


And extend the ‘frozen columns’ delimiter! So you have the image always visible.


Thanks Elias. Good plan!