Workday_diff with linked holidays gives error

Hi there,

I have a question for our PTO system. I like to calculate the workdays between the PTO startdate and enddate minus the holidays + non working days (for partime employees). I want to do this in a linked field because of large number of dates. But I constantly get an error when implementing.

  1. I’ve made a table for all days in the coming year

  2. I’ve made a lookup field referencing to this table.

  3. Then a field with a formula field

WORKDAY_DIFF({startPTO}, {endPTO}, {Days in year})

I’ve also tried this advice from Justin_Barret in this topic. But unfortunately it keeps showing an error.

WORKDAY_DIFF({Start Date Field}, {End Date Field}, {Lookup Field} & "")

Does anybody have an idea? Or can point me in the right direction :smiley:

Many Thanks

Hi all, I was thinking it could also be that it needs to be built in a completely different way. If you have any tips for that, I’d love to hear them too. Thanks in advance.

I found it! Date settings were not set to ISO. Bummer.

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