Pro features: record coloring, date ranges, multiple calendars

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Today we launched a set of new calendar-centric features for users on Pro plans, which includes record coloring, date ranges, and plotting multiple date fields on the same calendar view.

Record coloring

With record coloring, you can apply color to records based on the color of an associated single select field or set up custom filtering conditions.

With custom filtering conditions, you can make it so that certain records will automatically receive colors based on certain conditions—so you can call out overdue tasks, urgent bugs, big sales ops, or whatever else needs highlighting.

Record coloring is especially useful on calendar view, where it colors the entire card (but it works in other views too).

Date ranges

Select two different date fields in the date picker to define ranges in a calendar view. Just like single-date field record cards, you can pick up and move the card for a date range to reschedule, or click and drag on the ends to lengthen/shorten the duration.

Plotting multiple date fields on the same calendar view

Plot up to five single date fields and/or date ranges onto a single calendar view, when you need to see multiple deadlines and milestones or visually compare different date fields. You can give each date field/range a concise label to make discerning between your calendars easier—we recommend trying out emoji labels!

You can read more about all these features on our launch post.

9 - Sun
9 - Sun

Record coloring is very exciting. My team will love this!

13 - Mars
13 - Mars

@Katherine_Duh -

So, there I am, trying to tighten up documentation and a last stubborn ruleset or two on a base I’ve been readying for Airtable Universe, when suddenly I notice this little ‘color’ option on the Airtable menu bar. I head to ‘What’s New’ and, sure enough, several new features managed to slip through the gap as October’s bodega gate came rolling down. Even though I’m not sure I like how some of the new features work, Record Coloring seems a must to add to the error-flagging code in this base…*

But how do these and other Pro features work with copied bases? Will a free user be able to make use of (that is, see) any Pro features I add but not be able to edit them? Or will he or she been able to modify existing Pro features but not specify new ones? Or is the base poured through a filter during the copy process, automagically removing any Pro features from the original? I don’t want to risk having any design elements depend upon one’s having Pro status, but if they’ll still be available to some extent, even for Free and Premium users, I’d like to retain them.

(As best I recall, after I made a copy of your [very nice, BTW] indie lipstick base while I was still on a Free account, the base kept the extended select colors – but I don’t think I attempted to change field configuration at the time.)

* As a workaround for Airtable’s current inability to perform data validation, in several tables I define an alert field – essentially a big ol’ matryoshka doll of nested IF() statements that check for the existence of likely data entry or operational logic errors. Should one be found, the field displays a [traditionally cryptic] warning to alert the user something was wrong with the most recently entered field. I’ve emojied the heck out of the messages in an attempt to make them eye-catching, but I suspect using colors to highlight errored records would be more effective.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is it possible to have different date fields appear in different colors? I’d like, say, Target Dates to appear in Yellow and Due Dates to appear in red. I also have Reminder Dates that I’d like to be pink.

13 - Mars
13 - Mars

Airtable’s record coloring in calendar view is a nice implementation of that feature. You can set colors based on filter-like conditions, so color-coding different classes of dates isn’t a problem. The combination of color-coding and date ranges or color-coding and multiple dates — both Pro-level features — are also nice additions to the view.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m just a single user and I would love to have this feature available but I just can’t afford the price of a pro plan, especially just for a single feature. Would there be a way for a smaller upgrade price for people who aren’t apart of a team or include it as apart of the free plan. I don’t intend to ever reach past the limits of the free plan and could never think of paying $24/month.