Ability for Hootsuite automation to connect to a custom link preview field

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4 - Data Explorer

I have created an automation in Airtable that schedules a post in Hootsuite when the Status field is “APPROVED”. My Date, Copy, and Attachment fields are correctly mapping to Hootsuite, BUT I need my “Image Link” field to map to Hootsuite. I need this to happen so when someone clicks on the image of my post on LinkedIn, it opens to a hyperlinked location vs just expanding the image.
Right now, I have to remove all of the copy and the attachment that was automatically populated, paste the “Image Link,” click the “custom link preview” button, upload my attachment, remove my pasted link, and paste back in the copy. There HAS TO BE an easier way - help!

This is a screenshot of my base. I’ve circled the fields that are correctly mapping in RED and the field that I need to map in blue:

This is a screenshot of how it appears when it automatically uploads to Hootsuite:

And here are screenshots of the lengthy process that I have to go through to get the post in the format needed, all because one field won’t map to Hootsuite.

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