Automation to upload an attachment from a Webflow form after Zapier sends it to Airtable

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So I’ve got a Zap sending data to Airtable on a from submission is Webflow, the Zap then also adds the uploaded attachment to the CMS item as a link in Webflow so Webflow form → Airtable → Airtable → Webflow CMS Item. Only the problem is that the link that ends up in Webflow’s CMS is still the uploaded Webflow froms link. Very new to airtable, but is there an automation I can run when Zapier adds the Webflow form file upload link to the Airtable Attachment field that will actually add the file to Airtable so that Airtable isn’t just adding the same Webflow link back into Webflow? I need all the uploaded files to live in Airtable.

You can see the steps in the Zap here and that Airtable is just passing the same link back from the Attachment field instead of a link to the file in Airtable.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

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