Airtable and ETapestry or Blackbaud

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


My current data base and forms are connected to Blackbaud and E-tapestry. I'm not fully ready to commit to downloading everything into airtable, but wanted to know if you have seen a successful integration with these systems?

For context:

I'm creating a speakers Bureau and want my updated information to go into E-tapestry. I would also be pulling reports from e-tapestry to integrate into airtable. The forms on E-tapestry are outdated and clunky, I would much rather use airtable for this.

I'm also to look automations where a speaker enters information and we send a thank you email. That is also clunky with e-tapestry. But I still need the data to sync between the two for now. 

thanks! -Rachel 

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Looks like eTapestry has an API, so if you know a JavaScript developer it's probable you could link them up?