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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all – I’m building a workflow using Power Automate to create forwarded emails as “activity” records in Airtable. I’m having issues understanding the Airtable Connector in Power Automate and wondering if anyone has successfully used the “create a record” action before.

I’m a little stuck with the required field “body”, and weirdly this required field isn’t mentioned in the documentation here: Airtable (Independent Publisher) - Connectors | Microsoft Docs. What exactly is “body” associated with in airtable, and how should I think about what content should go there?

For more context, I’m creating a flow that pushes emails into airtable as a new record. I thought “body” might just be the name of the new record, so I tried pulling “subject” from the email, but the string type is not accepted. Thanks!

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Hi @Lydia_Jackson,
The Body section is where you will place JSON formatted text to add to your Airtable.

If you have a table with the following fields, Subject, Text, Sender you may want your JSON to look like this:

  "records": [
      "fields": {
        "Subject": "XXXXXXXX",
        "Text": "XXXXXXX",
        "Sender": "XXXXXXXXX"

Replace the XXXXXXX with the Dynamic fields you want to populate with.

There is an Outlook sync built into Airtable, have you tried that?

Thank you – that’s exactly what I needed! I didn’t realized that I should be mapping each of the field using JSON there.

My understanding is the outlook sync is only for the calendar, and my goal is to get emails easily into airtable. The team used Salesforce as a crm prior, and basically we’re looking to replicate the “email to salesforce” workflow there. If I’m missing an easier way to do this let me know!

Sorry, I was referring to the Outlook Email sync in Automations. Glad to hear you got it working.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
I'm a little new to Power Apps and came across this connector for Airtable, but I'm stuck at connecting to my Airtable account. Where and HOW do you configure the API in the connector?
Could somebody provide an example of the syntax and where I would navigate to in Automate?

@Vivid-Squid , thank you! I've had the same question. Would you be able to show how to write it for the attachment field?