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4 - Data Explorer

OK someone please help! About 2 months ago the automation I had set up from Airtable to Google sheets simply stopped working. I have reconnected everything but get the follwing error message.

Error message "This automation is no longer authorized to use the configured Google Sheets account. Please select a new Google Sheets account for this step. Please select a new Google Sheets account for this step."

I have a similar automation working fine. Why not this one?

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I haven’t seen this problem, and I have many of my Airtable consulting clients connecting with Google Sheets.

Did you try reconnecting your Google Sheets account to resolve it?

If that doesn’t work, then there is something misconfigured with your Google Sheets account.

To receive more specific error messages about what went wrong, try setting it up with Make’s Google Sheets automations for Airtable, and see what error you get from Google Sheets. 

Also, as a side benefit, Make offers tons more functionality for Google Sheets & Airtable automations than what Airtable natively offers.