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4 - Data Explorer

I connected click funnels and Airtable
so we need clickfunnels to auto-deposit each new signup. then in airtable depending on thier service need to autosend an email that i already have templated in the base
it does autodeposit but it’s putting each contact in twice

Please does any one know what is wrong?

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Putting each contact in twice? So the email automation ends up sending twice or something?

Would love to help but I’m not too sure what issue you’re facing, sorry!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you so much Adam for responding
Yes the automation ends up putting the new sign up contact twice instead of just once
Please let me know if you are still not clear

Ah I see. Could I get a screenshot of your automation setup? If I could also get a screenshot of the table and the relevant fields that the automation pulls data out of that would be super helpful too

Oh dude, if I’m reading this right this has nothing to do with Airtable; your Zap’s just triggering twice for some reason.

The duplicate records seem to have some empty field values too. Were I in your position, I would double check that I only had one Zap creating records in Airtable, and then double check the Zap’s trigger.

If all else fails, I would message Zapier customer support about it