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4 - Data Explorer

Hello community, I am wondering if anyone has any experience setting up table like this: I am a realtor. The workspace would consist of a table for buyers I work with, their buying criteria filled out in the fields (ie. Min. $200k investment; Min. 2 bed 1 ba, etc). I would like a corresponding table/sheet with property data that corresponds with those buy box fields. If a $150,000 2 bed 1 ba house is inputted into the system, how do I create it so that it automatically emails to the corresponding appropriate buyers? Also would this count as a run per email (buyer) with regards to my automation run limit?

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If your Buyers table looks like this:

and your Properties table looks like this:

You would set up an automation to trigger when all the appropriate Properties fields get filled in. Then you’d have a Find Records step that looks for up to 100 users with matching criteria:

From there you need to decide when precisely the matching users should get emailed.

If you are fine with mass emailing all the users about this one new matching property:

  • Add an action after the Find Records step that uses the List of Field Values => Email Field in the To or BCC field and insert the Trigger Record in the email body. This will result in only 1 automation run per property.

If you want each user to get a custom email:

  • Add a Update Record action after the Find Records step that inserts the List of Record IDs from the Find Records Step into the trigger Property record’s {Notified Buyers} field (or whatever field links Properties to Buyers}.
  • Add a new automation that watches for changes to the Buyers table’s {Matching Properties} field. Add a Send Email action step with info from the linked property. If 10 buyers’ criteria matched the new property, then you’ll have 11 total automation runs.