Re: Multiple forms on same page with single submit button?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
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That's not natively possible with Airtable forms. You could do it with a bunch of workarounds (i.e. adding a bunch of numerous conditional fields on the form, and then the form gets submitted into a temporary table, and then you have an automation that moves all the data from the temporary table into the real tables).

But it might be better to look at some form solutions that offer that feature natively. I believe that you should be able to that natively with On2Air Forms. @Hannah_Wiginton would know for sure. 

An alternative approach is to use Airtable's Interface Designer to create a tailored bulk record editing experience for your submitters. This would allow them to submit/edit multiple entries at once. The downside is that your users of this will incur a paid Airtable license depending on your plan, unlike with the shared form view.

Thank you 🙂

Ah gotcha. We're a low budget (non profit) operation, so probably can't afford to pay the upgrade.