Automate Project Status based on Task Status

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi There.

I was looking at the Airtable Automations. I can how to automate a record to update however is there a way to update on certain conditional logic?

I have two bases. One for Projects and one for Tasks.

Once all tasks associated with a project are marked as complete I want the Project Status to automatically mark as completed as well.

Any ideas around the best way to tackle this. When I setup the initial automation as soon as it found one task as complete the project was marked as complete even if other tasks were still with the status in progress.

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Is there a reason you prefer to do this with an Automation, as opposed to a regular old formula?

Add to your [Projects] table a Rollup using ARRAYUNIQUE(values) on the {Status} field from the [Tasks] table, then make the [Projects] table’s {Project Status} field a formula like so: IF({Name of Rollup field} = "completed", "completed", "in progress").

If you must use an Automation for whatever reason, go ahead and still add the Rollup field as described above, and simply set the Automation to run on [Projects] records when the {Rollup field} = “completed”.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks @Kamille_Parks I will try a roll up formula. Didn’t think about that to start.