Automate tasks to hit one person after another

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Ive created a project management workflow where we have a project board that filters into a task board, and tasks are assigned to individuals who check a "complete" box when done. We have a dashboard for each individual where their tasks appear. Because the tasks need to be completed in a certain order (ie "edits" need to happen before "production") and we have different people executing on different parts of the project, it can be hard to know when its your turn with the project. The project manager typically assigns all the tasks out at once so all tasks associated with the project appear on the individuals dashboard simultaneously. Ideally we would only want the project to appear on the persons dash if it was their turn with the project. The tasks are already numbered for order so hypothetically it would be easy to automate one following another. Im wondering if theres a way to set automation so the tasks only appear if the previous tasks have already been completed, so the project appears to be moving from one person to another as the steps go along.

Thinking through I wondered if there was a filter i could apply, or something within interfaces but i havent seen anything that would work in that way yet. Any recommendations?

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