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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there Y'all - I am trying to have Airtable automatically duplicate a record in the SAME table when the status of another record is "approved". The duplicate record would have all the same information except the status would be set to "editing" and the type would be set to"IG Reel". How can I make this happen automatically? THANKS

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Create an automation with the trigger "when record meets conditions". Have the condition be when {status} is "approved".

Add a "create record" action. Add all the editable fields that will have values to the new record. For the {status} and {type} fields, select the static values you want. For all other fields, select the value of the triggering record. This may require first choosing the gear to set a dynamic value for some fields.

@kuovonne Thanks so much I think that could work. THe only issue it seems is that some of the fields do not have the gear to be able to set it to dynamic? Not sure why?

Some don't need the gear to be set dynamically. It depends on the field type. Just click the blue plus.

Is there a way to duplicate the record entirely, regardless of any future changes in the structure? In your solution if a column is added or deleted from the table, I would have to keep in mind to always edit the automation.

My automation helpers scripts include a script that will duplicate a record without needing updating when fields are added or removed from the table.