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4 - Data Explorer

Question: Say that I have 100 records (mined by PR miners) and it would be divided into 5 for the NR miners (NR-A to NR-E), each having 20 records each. 3 hours later, the 100 records are finished and we have more coming from the PR miners, Regardless of which PR miner it came from, I want it to auto populate or to be assigned to an NR miner such that it's even throughout.

Here's what the ideal table should look like:


As you can see, the records could've just been mined by PR miner A, but is still evenly distributed into the five NR miners.


I apologize for any confusions relating this post. I need your help.

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Hmm, yeah this is doable.  If I were you I'd create a job queue system where I create a new table with a single record in it and link all the PR records to it

Assuming there's a table where each record is a NR Miner, I would create a "Count" field to count the total number of records linked to each NR Miner, and then use a mix of lookups and formula fields to identify what the largest number of records linked to a NR Miner field is

After that, I would use that information to identify NR Miner's that do not have that number of records linked to them, and then, using that information, I can select one randomly from that list and link a record to that NR Miner via an automation

This in turn would update the job queue system mentioned above