Update Field in Another Table when a Box is Checked

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I'm working on setting up an automation that will update a project with the team names once I approve that person using a check box.  

Table 1: Team Members - contains basic info (e.g. - name, contact info)

Table 2: Projects - contains project info (e.g. - project name, team members)

  • The field I would like to update is called Project Members, which is linked to the Name field on the Team Members table.
  • Right now, I am manually adding individuals by clicking "Add Record", then selecting their names from the list being pulled from Team Members

Table 3: Project Sign Up

  • Individuals submit a form to be added to a project. I have a column titled "Approve", to keep track of who all has been added to the project. 
  • The form includes the Project Name field from Table 2 and the team member's Name from Table 1

Goal: when Approve box is checked, update the list of team members of the corresponding project on Table 2

Trigger: When a record matches conditions

  • Table: Project Sign Up
  • Conditions: When "Approve" is *checked*

ActionsUpdate record

  • Table: Projects
  • Record ID: Project Name
  • Field: Project Members

The trigger seems to be working fine. It's the action I can't figure it out. Please help!

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Hmm, if I were you I'd have the following actions:

Action 1: Find record

  • Table: Projects
  • Record ID: Project Name as ID

Action 2Update record

  • Table: Projects
  • Record ID: Project Name as ID
  • Field: [Project Members value from Action 1], [Team member's Name from Table 1 as ID from triggering record]

This way it would add the team member's name to the project instead of replacing all the existing linked team members with the new one

If you have trouble setting it up feel free to DM me an invite link to your base and I can set it up for you real quick

Thanks for that. I got it working after I created a helper function in the sign up tab (function > Project Name).

BUT, when the update record fires, it deletes whatever was in there. So if I'm adding 5 people to a project by clicking the checkboxes, it deletes the person added from the prior box check. Is there any way around that?

Hm, could you provide screenshots of your automation set up please?  With the "Update Record" step set up the way I mentioned above, it should update the field and not replace the data that's in it I believe