Automation change status column to "need to order" button

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi i am looking to set up an automation and having some issues. Basically, for a giving row item, we would like to change the “status” button in the column to “need to order”, if the number in the “stock” column is equal or smaller than the number in “threshold” column. Please let me know how we can do this. Thank you!

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Make a formula field with this formula:

IF({Stock} <= {Threshold}, "need to order")

Then ask yourself if you need to do this with an Automation at all. You could just use that^ field above (and adjust it to account for other statuses as well). But if you want to keep your original Status field, then make your Automation trigger “when record matches conditions” and the condition is “Formula contains ‘need to order’”

Add a Update Record step that changes the Status field.