Zapier unable to update field that is linked to a synced table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I use Zapier extensively with Airtable. I have a base that contains one linked table, the rest are all native to that base.

I use Zapier to add new records into a native table which works fine. However, when trying to update the newly added record to add content to the linked field that is linked to the synced table I get an error message: “You are not permitted to perform this operation because the table (Table Details) has been configured to limit who can perform this operation.”

I am not trying to add a new record into the synced table, rather I’m simply trying to link to an already existing one. Here’s an overview of the flow.

Table 1 = Native
Table 2 = Synced

  1. Add record to Table 1
  2. Find record in Table 2
  3. Edit record from step 1 by adding record from step 2 into linked field.
  4. Error.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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This exact scenario works just fine for me. I would make sure that the data you’re pasting into the linked record field (in table 1) exactly matches the value of the primary field in table 2.

Yeah, that’s what I found odd as well. This was previously working fine for me, I’ll keep digging!