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7 - App Architect

There are serious bugs/limitation in Automation formatting.
First date formatting, in Europe we use DD/MM/YY unfortunately AUTOMATION disregard fields date formatting and put them always in ISO format: YYYY-MM-DD. Then numbers, I don’t know why but calculated number fields are never with the desired decimal. It could be cool to have an option for the numbers of digits we want to display or just keep the field formatting (ex. Decimal (1.000) if it’s calculated automation puts 15 digits after the comma (see image) and when not computed it just uses 2 digits even if 3 are selected! Thank you for fixing this.automation_requirements.

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello @Jean_Francois_Bodin

did you manage to find a solution to the decimal bug? i currently face the same issue…


Hi, nope. If the field is computed then you get the full calculation.

Hi @Antony_Roczek
So finally I came up with a simple solution today; just create a new formula field: ROUND({FIELD},2) then replace the problematic field in your Automation.
Forget about thousands separators or anything else, just use the “decimal” format and it works.
You get 2 decimals instead of 15 from the computed field.

All the best