Automation: Email notification whenever an email sync takes place

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I'm wondering if an automation can be built to send an email alert whenever an email sync takes place.

What I am trying to accomplish is this

1. Team A sends a csv file that is sync to an Airtable table

2. Within that csv will be a list of records

3. I wish to alert Team B via email whenever Team A sends a csv file to Airtable emailed data sync

My conundrum - If I were to use Automations to trigger when a record is created, it will fire off 1 notification for every record which isn't good.

How can I build an automation to fire off 1 single email notification whenever a sync takes place?



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Hmm, when the email sync happens do all of the existing records have their "Last modified time" updated?  If they do, could we potentially just create a view that had a single record in it, have a formula field that checked whether NOW() was after the last updated time, and then trigger off that record?

Hello, I could certainly add a "Last Modified Time" field to the records but I'm not too sure how to have a single record in the new view that I've created.


Hard to say without knowing how your data works honestly.  If your records have a unique ID and you know of one record that will always exist, you could create that view to filter and only display that one record

If not, you could perhaps create an Autonumber field and filter to only show the record where the Autonumber field's value is 1?