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Automation Error from Square Space > Zapier > Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all!

I’ve set up automation to act as a support desk. I’ve got a form on our firm’s internal square space site, from there it feeds into Zapier which automatically pushes into airtable to create a record.

Square Space Form > Zapier (8 automations) > Air Table Base (1 Automation per base)

Based of the question subject the question gets directed through zapier and into airtable. Currently using the automation “When a record is created”. Which then sends off an email to the user who submitted the form request.

After running tests, I’m receiving 8 emails, from all 8 automations in each base. Any idea why this is happening?


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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hey Alec,

Welcome to the community!

For further clarification, when you submit the form on your site, does a new record get created in each base? If so, you may need to reconfigure this. If you’re only going to use 1 form, you may want to use Zapier Paths (Zapier Paths: A Smarter Way to Build Conditional Workflows).

Currently, the way you have this setup, there may be a need to have 8 different forms (1 for each subject option) for the data to get routed correctly. Obviously, that’s not a great UX nor fun to manage.

Would you mind showing a screenshot of your Zapier trigger?