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4 - Data Explorer


I’ve been loosing my mind over the past days trying to find a way to either solve this automation or find an alternative even if it requires a manual check.

However it got to the point where I am willing to pay for much needed dedicated help.

Here’s the situation:


I have 2 Bases.

  • The first one is a very simple setup on a free plan where collaborators drop basic input: Airtable - Registro de Producciones (that’s it, nothing fancy here).

  • The second base is on a different workspace on a Pro account. I’m using the Sync feature to pull the data onto this Base.


Part 1

  • Create a new linked record when the field of either “Videographer”, “Photographer”, “Producer” or “Videographer 2” is not empty.

  • Add an Emoji to represent their role (this is very important because of other formulas running behind everything)

Part 2

  • Update records whenever a collaborator modifies the role on free plan base.

Current Situation

  • I’ve managed to trigger the automation to create the new linked record adding the corresponding emoji.

Problem 1

I would appreciate any experts recommendations you could provided. I’m thinking perhaps we can tackle this in a single video call session.

Thank you :pray:

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Cristian!

Welcome to the community.

Would you be able to provide a screenshot of how you have your automation trigger set up as well as any of your actions?