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4 - Data Explorer


We use Airtable at our company for our Purchase Order store and use formulas for expected payment date to calculate when we expect to get paid. 

We are now looking at advancing certain aspects of our database, such as, we want an automated email sent the same time each month, so the trigger we have chose is 'At scheduled time'

Now i would like it then to find the records in one of my views, it does this but only lists 10 records, when we are looking at much more than this. 

We would then like the the records found be attached to an email that is sent to a memeber of our team. 

I hope this make senses, any tips would be of great help. 

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Hm, so you're using a "Find Records" step and using its output in an email, is that right? 

If so, it's worth noting that when testing the "Find Records" action it only outputs up to 10 records, but when it actually runs it outputs up to 100 records