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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, im starting to automatize my data base and im finding a little problem sure community can help me with.

I use AT to manage an academy. I have a main table in which i record each student profile. Then i have to go to another table which has a linked field  to add the new student record of the main base in order to count students per hour and availability. My idea is that the automation is triggered by certain conditions from the New record, then find the record to update, static, and update the linked field. I have done so, but the problem is that it changes the field content, doesnt add a New linked record, deletes the previous existing records and  i just need to update with the New record matching the conditions.

Thank you in advance. 

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Assuming you want to add records to a linked field and your issue is that the original value is getting deleted, then you can try setting up your automation like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 12.06.02 PM.png

Link to base

Thanks for your answer, it is almost done. The problem now is that the record finding only works for 100 records and i need so much more. IS there any other kind of solution?


Ah, yeah, the "Find Records" action has a max limit of 100 found records.  To bypass it you'd need to write a script or create your own logic so that the automation's Find Record action wouldn't pick up any records that had already been linked before and would keep running till it was done