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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello and Good Day again! 
I'm writing this as I have what sounds like a simple yet complicated automation issue that I can't seem to get right. 
(For privacy reasons I have changed the name to different authors I hope you understand)

Anyways, we had a programmer create a setup where our website updates the tables automatically whenever someone books us. 
So, table 1 here has customer names and the date they booked our mechanics. (The data in this table is updated from our website)

Table 1.JPG

Table 2 (also updated from our website) is basically a contact information about our clients and their vehicles. 

Table 2.JPG

As you can see in Table 1, it's basically the bookings so any of the clients can re-book us and it will be logged separately (Mary Shelley being in 2 and 4). However, in table 2 she's only registered once and thats what our programmer did.

Now on to my issue: Table 3 was supposed to use airtable automations to gather the Clients name and mechanic from table 1 and the vehicle from table 2 into one. But I can't seem to make this work without it overlapping or creating its own row. 

Table 3.JPG

As you can see the first row is supposed to be an example: data from table 1 and 2 all into one row. Meanwhile the automations I've created have made them overlap each other. I've tried updating records as an action however I can't seem to get record ID correctly as the automations does not run. 

I'm sorry if this may seem confusing and I'm happy to answer any questions. Thank you as well for your time everyone.


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When does the automation trigger?  Can you provide some screenshots of your automation set up?

You could also try using a linked field to connect Table 1 and 2 together, and then use a lookup field to display that person's vehicle in Table 1 too

Hello Adam!
Thanks for replying to my issue once again. My automations trigger when the record is updated (Table 1 and Table 2 is updated automatically from our website) and from those updated records the automation should be updating table 3 (basically all the information is now into table 3)

More I look into it, basically Table 3 is our contacts list (Table 2) since the names should not be replicated but with more information which is taken from table 1. 

From this image: Once Table 1 or our bookings is updated then we go ahead and create a record for table 3 which works and I'm glad it does!

table 1 to 3.JPG

But for table 2 (contacts) -> table 3 I chose to update records since my goal is to make it all in one row for each client.

table 2 to 3.JPG

 But the automation seems to not work, I'm not exactly sure why. If its the record ID I've went and tried each one to no avail.

I've heard of it and went and tried a linked field to connect tables together, but I can't seem to get this done right. I'm a bit lost in this department though.

Thank you for any help that come by my way. I apologize if this automation is too specific.


If your goal is to make it all in one row for each client, I would suggest not using Table 3 at all

In "Table 2", create a linked field to "Table 1", then create an automation that will trigger whenever a new record gets created in "Table 1", and its action will be to paste the value from the "Name" field into the linked field. 

Then, create a rollup field in "Table 2" to display the mechanic names and dates as needed

Check out this guide by Airtable on linking existing records, as well as lookup fields