Automation matches condition and pull data to another table

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Hello I'd like to ask

so I have 2 different tables
1. [User Accounts]
2. [Profiles]

how to pull data from column (User Role) with value "Job Seeker" only. which is in the table [User Account]

and I want the Primary Column [Profile] table to be taken from the Full Name in the [User Account] table
but only based on User Role = Jobseeker only

and hope that the avatar column can also be obtained from the [User Account] table

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You could do this with an automation:
1. Trigger when record matches condition
  - Condition = When "User Role" = "Job Seeker"
2. Action is "Update Record"
  - Updates the triggering record by pasting the "Full Name" value into the linked field to the "Profile" table

This way the "Profile" table will only include records where the "User Role" value is "Job Seeker".  After that, you can create a lookup field to get the "Avatar" field like you wanted

Note that this won't update though, i.e. if the "User Role" changes in the "User Account" table, the record will still remain in "Profile".

I'm curious why we can't use filters for this though.  It seems like if you filted by "User Role" = "Job Seeker" you'd get exactly what you want?