Automation of GTasks->GCal->Airtable record

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone,

This all applies within the Google environnement. I am using Airtable to capture my work for reports. I love the automation that creates Airtable records from my Calendar. However, this automation does not encompass Tasks that are given a date (action which shows them automatically within my Calendar).

  1. Is it an error on my part that the Tasks in my Calendar are not being captured in the automation? if not
  2. Is it possible to tweak this automation to encompass Tasks once they are inserted into the Calendar? if not
  3. Is it possible to set up a separate automation for Tasks? (not a preferred option)

Hope this makes sense, thank you.

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Hi @Denis_Perreaux,
I think that Google Tasks are stored differently than Google Calendar events. The Google Calendar app just has the ability to display your Tasks.

You can use or Zapier to watch for Google Tasks and sync them to your Airtable base.