Re: Automation to re-link Linked Records in Synced Tables after splitting by comma

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6 - Interface Innovator


I’m trying to tackle an old unsolved problem with Linked Records in Synced Bases, from another approach IMHO.

The problem:
Linked Records in Synced tables, are shown as a concatenation separated by commas of each Linked Record title.

This makes impossible inside an automation to use the “Find records” action, since it won’t match.

Solution proposal

  1. Inside the automation, have an script action that splits the linked-record-text-field by comma and produces an array or a summary that can actually be used at a next step of the automation.
  2. Inside a “Find records” action, search by a dynamic condition where it looks for all the values in the array or summary produced in the previous action.
  3. Inside an “Update records” action, link all previous found records in a Linked Record field.

Happy to brainstorm it!

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Are you trying to relink data from two synced tables, that were originally linked to each other in their source base?

As long as the primary fields of the tables are 100% unique and do not contain commas, quotes, or other special characters in the primary field values, you should be able to relink them by having an automation update a linked record field with the synced linked record field that becomes a text field upon syncing.

Because the two tables might have slightly different delays in syncing, you might want to introduce a delay before running the automation that relinks them in order to be sure that the records exist in both tables.

Hello @kuovonne, thanks for coming back to me. Yes, I’m trying to do that, and I was able to relink the linked record but when is only one ID and not multiple IDs separated by comma.

That’s why I asked on this other post about your services, since I could find a way to create inside an automation, a dynamic array or summary of multiple IDs after splitting a text field separated by commas.

Were you able to achieve this in the past?

Without seeing the actual data and field types, for both tables, as well as the automation configuration, it is difficult to say what is going on. I have created many different automations that link records, and there are slightly different nuances depending on field type.

I think you are trying to link records based on primary field value with commas between them. I’m not sure where the “find” action comes into play. There is also a possibility that you have a lookup field involved that seems to have commas but doesn’t really.

I did reply on the other thread how to book a meeting with me.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@kuovonne I will try to record a video or explain this better to increase the chances of support. Thanks!