Automation with a script or Airtable-Autmation-Blocks?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have two tables in my Airtable database: "Interfaces" and "Participants Backend V1". In the "Interfaces" table, I have columns like "int_Email", "int_Name", "int_Dance Course", and "int_Today's Date" (Ceckbox). The "Participants Backend V1" table contains columns like "bac_Email", "bac_01.01.2024", "bac_02.01.2024", etc... "bac_31.12.2024"

I am looking for a script that does the following:

  • Look through every row in the table "Interfaces"
  • When a row in the "Interfaces" table has the "int_Today's Date" checkbox checked, the value in the "int_Tanzkurs" column of that row should be read.
  • This read value should then be entered into the "Participants Backend V1" table in the row with the same email and the columne of today's date (for today it would be the column "bac_01.05.2024").
  • If there is already a value in that cell, the new dance courses should be added with commas separated.

Does anybody have a recommendation? Is this possible with a scipt? Or is it even possible to automate this with the given Airtable Automation Blocks?

I tried to make a script with the help of ChatGPT but no luck so far.

Thanks for your support!

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Yeap, it's possible with a script.  Doing it with automations alone is difficult because you're changing the field to update each day.

As a workaround, perhaps you could use a combination of automations + scripting?  It would be a lot simpler and thus easier to use ChatGPT with.  Specifically, you'd have an automation that would trigger via a checkbox field or something, and its actions would be:
1. Find all records with "int_Today's Date" checked
2. Have a repeating group action that'll use the values from step 1
3. In the repeating group, have a "Find Record" action that will look for the record in "Participants Backend V1" with the same email
4. In the repeating group, create a scripting action that will:
   - a. Identify which field to update
   - b. Help you concatenate the existing values in the cell with the new dance courses
5. In the repeating group, create an "Update Record" action that will update the found record from step 3 with the value from step 4b, into the field from step 4a

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey Adam, thank you for your help! I will try this today or tomorrow and tell you if i had success with this.

Do you maybe know if there is anything to take into account when asking ChatGPT for a script? Or have you expirienced that he overlooked stuff?


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I tried to implement the automatisation like you described. How can i use the Data from Step 4 in the "Update Record" action in Step 5? For example so i can select a columne dinamically (output from the script).

Ah!  So sorry, I was mistaken, you're going to need to update the record directly with the script within the repeating group.  If you DM me an invite link to your base I can help you write that bit of the script, sorry for the trouble

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey Adam, with the help of ChatGPT i was able to automate the whole thing with script.

But thanks anyways!