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6 - Interface Innovator


I want to achieve the following, using automation, when the condition matches.

Send SMS via 3rd party (in my case either Vonage or Twilio). Currently, Twillio cant send SMS only via app integration when the record is created or updated.

I need it to send when the condition matches. Has anyone managed to solve this case?

Theoretically, Vonage supports sending via some code Curl, Node, Python, PHP etc… but all require some external packaged and since Airtable supports only vanilla JS, i have a problem in that. Has anyone got any ideas how to create a work around here? Thank you

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I haven’t used Vonage’s API, but I created an extensive SMS & MMS system (text message & multimedia messaging system) that supports both sending & receiving messages.

I used Integromat’s Twilio automations to do this:

I describe this system in depth in this BuiltOnAir video podcast episode:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This is not helpful, problem that integromat only sends it on record creation or update, but I need to send it on script trigger which is different. I have made a solution by uploading some API to cloudserver and sending API calls to that server from Airtable via Run script in the case when I need it too. This way I could simply use any programming language I needed.

No, Integromat does not only take actions on record creation or update. It wouldn’t be a very powerful platform if that was all it did. I can tell that you didn’t even watch the video that I posted above, where I actually demonstrate script triggers activating the Integromat actions… the very thing that you just claimed that Integromat doesn’t do. :man_shrugging:t2:

Then their docs are too complex, and learning few JS lines is simpler, but thanks anyway, video is too long not clear where exactly it is being talked about what I need :slightly_smiling_face: