Automating emails depending on what product customer inquires about

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4 - Data Explorer


I need to send product info to people, and the general email is the same every time, but with different links in the email depending on which product they ask about. I’ve set up a view for each product that can trigger the correct email, but that requires a different view for each product along with a different email automation for each product. Is there a cleaner way to do this? Thanks.

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Hi Jessica,

not 100% sure about how you want to send the emails, but if you’re planning on using Airtable’s built-in email automation, then you can insert dynamic content there. This means you can have a field like “product link” and depending on which record triggers the automation, it’s only going to take info from that record.

Does that make sense for you?


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Ok, so I need to add the links into new fields into the table, and then the email can call the field? More fields, but less views and automations. Thank you!

Exactly. Let’s say you want to include a link to a brochure and that link is unique for every product. In this case you would add that link in a “Brochure link” field and then you’d use email automations to dynamically pull that piece information depending on which record (product) triggered the automation.