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Hi all

When using the automation with the trigger “when a record enters a view” and I start the automation, it always also sends an email to those records that are already in that view. Is there a way to avoid this and only send emails to records that come in to the view new, that is, after I started the automation?

Shouldn’t be an option? I tried stopping the automation, then adding records to the view and then started it again, but same result.

What am I missing here?

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Hi @Databaser, and welcome to the community!

Yes, Simply enforce a rule in your automation that – following a successful email process – sets a condition that removed said record from the view. Script automations need to finish the play - remove records from the automation view such that nothing is ever in that view unless it needs to be processed.

Thank you @Bill.French. So there is no option via the build-in automation? Or some other way to only run on new entries? I’m no scripting hero :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t believe so, but you could take this externally to Zapier or Integromat to get that functionality without writing code.

You don’t need to write code for this… simply:

  • add a Checkbox field to your table, { Email Sent }.
  • filter the view that triggers the automation to not show records with that checkbox checked
  • have the same automation that sends the email also check that checkbox on the record after sending the email

Um yeah… that’s what I was trying to say. :winking_face:

It seems the OP could not decipher your high-level description. We both put it “simply”, no? Sometimes my knack for being a pedant comes in handy. Other times, it just ends in me being ridiculed :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, but I need to look up “pedant” before I hit send.

My wife often reminds me that (a) barely passing grades in college-level english, and (b) I am frequently not understood by people who are far more intelligent than myself of which she is certainly in that class and often bears the greatest impact of my attempts at intellectual riffing. There is a ( c ) and it’s simply that my brain was consumed at the time with other more complex challenges like – Ribs or Mexican for lunch?

Ahhh, of course, the noun for pedantic. I am most certainly a pedant evidenced by the above paragraph, and yet, with more time this passage could have been just four words.