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4 - Data Explorer

Why, when creating automation, the test runs on the first line of the database? For example, if I created automation to send a letter, the first person in the database gets it every time if I make a change.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey @Operations_Ukraine, Audrey from Airtable here :wave:t2:

I noticed that no community members have jumped in on your topic, and it’s possible that a little more context might be needed to get a full understanding of your question.

I’d recommend adding a few screenshots or a screen recording. Hopefully we can get some dialogue going on what could be happening here!

My impression is that there may be space to re-work your trigger to more closely identify which records are involved in your automation. Let me know if this helps point you in the right direction~

Yeah, that’s a slightly odd behavior with the automations.

When testing an action, it doesn’t just “test” that you’ve set everything up correctly… it actually “runs“ the entire automation! And, for its test record, Airtable will always choose the very first record in the view that matches your trigger.

So you might want to create your very own “sample” first record that will “catch” all of your tests for you.