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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We very recently hit the limit to the number of automations you can have in a base, but we still have a laundry list of automations we would like to create.

How do you all handle the limit put in place on a base? Is there any creative solutions out there?


I was thinking of maybe moving some tables off into another base, but then I would probably hit the 10 table sync limit in our base too.

Use the API? But how would triggers work?


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Go support the product request if you want:

We are struggling big-time with this right now.  Even Enterprise users don't seem to have this.  We are on Pro and are happy, don't need anything else, but this is a HUGE bottleneck for us.  In Interfaces, to have a programmed button, you need to use up an automation PER button, even if you want the same button/automation on a different page.

Simple webhooks driven by triggers use up an entire automation, so reaching the 50 automation limit has been very easy for us, and now we are scrambling, wondering if we will be forced to build our own software (this would be absolutely terrible, ugh), or if Airtable will adapt with ad-hoc automation instance increases, and ad-hoc automation run increases without having to jump from Pro to Enterprise.

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

If you want to stick with Airtable, your only option is to use an external automation tool like Make. It offers an unlimited number of automations and automation runs.

Make is also infinitely more powerful & significantly cheaper than Zapier.

Otherwise, you’d have to switch to a true database app like FileMaker. Contact me for referrals to FileMaker developers, since I don’t do FileMaker development anymore.

> I was thinking of maybe moving some tables off into another base, but then I would probably hit the 10 table sync limit in our base too.

Hm wait so we can only sync a single table into ten other bases?  I interpreted the limitation as only being able to sync ten tables into a single base actually

Yeah, my idea was to move some of the tables out of the base where the automation only modifies records in one table and just sync them back into the base that has hit the automation limit.

We would still have the limit syncing those tables back to the main base and I also don't know what that would do to all the views/links/etc we already have setup.

Oof yeah that sounds painful; two way syncs hurt.  Any chance you could combine some automations?  Not ideal and makes maintenance slightly harder in future (migitable with good documentation), but if the triggers allow for it perhaps you could attempt to max out the 50 step limit? 

We are maxed out on consolidation.  We can't consolidate further.  Fail on Airtable's part.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Personally, I believe that handling the limitations on automations in a base can be quite challenging. However, there are some creative solutions that are worth exploring. One option that comes to mind is moving certain tables off into another base, which can help alleviate the automation limit. It's important, though, to be mindful of the 10 table sync limit in the new base.
Another approach that holds potential is utilizing the API. By leveraging the API, you can create custom solutions and integrate external tools to expand the functionality of your base. Granted, using the API might require additional development work, but it offers the advantage of providing flexibility and control over your automations.
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