Re: (similar to Integromat and Zapier) any experts here? Want generate Google AdWords into AirTable

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Anybody expert here with ?

I am wondering if there is a way to generate additional keywords based on seen keywords I have in AirTable. For example, I’d like to generate popular search keywords and phrases based on the seed keyword. It can be done on the Google AdWords website and they have an API. There is also an integration between AirTable and Blendr.IO so I wonder if it is possible.

So basically, the input would come from AirTable field and it will go to Google AdWords and it will produce keywords and it will be then filled in AirTable again.

I can’t get anything working and I don’t even think what I am doing is right. Maybe because I don’t have any Ad campain setup in my AdWords account? I don’t want to create a campaign, just want to generate keywords.


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I’m chiming in only because no one seems to have experience with this concept after two days, and I have a little - enough to make me dangerous. I’ve built a number of AI-driven competitive intelligence systems and keyword extractions are central to projects like this.

Observations …

  • Given what little I can glean about your requirements, I’m almost certain you’ll not make much headway using a no-code process such as Rather, processes like this require some degree of control that no-code systems often cannot provide.
  • Keyword extraction from text (or sites) is far better than trying to guess and manually enter keywords.
  • Using Google services to generate additional keywords is a useful approach especially if your ultimate objective is to shape an advertising campaign based on keyword search hits. However, Google is not the only way to generate a superset of keywords based on a known subset.
  • The world of keyword extraction and prediction of other related keywords is part of the LSI arena (latent semantic indexing).
  • LSI tools make it possible - given a collection of keywords - to generate semantically similar keywords. I think this is your goal.
  • Google’s AdWords API is capable of generating new keywords based on known keywords, but this approach would require some API integration the likes of which will be difficult – if not impossible – to achieve without code.

All makes sense. I thought it would be a zero-code approach like Zapier, click click here click there… It would have been a nice gimmick for my little project. So OK I will have to let it go then.

On the topic of the keywords in Google AdWords / Amazon search suggestions:

So I guess if “popularity” is what means “Occurrence” under semantics, then yes, it’s right on. The keywords used in Amazon product listing could change depending on what people search in Google search box when they look for a specific product.

It might be, but it’s unlikely given the process steps. If such a recipe were possible, it would seem that the SEO community would have discovered and written about it at length long ago. You might want to take it to the blendr folks and say - help me get this working and I’ll pay for your service.

Yes, but this is problematic. Imagine a product (SKU99999) and it has massive issues. Should the keywords morph to include problem, failure, bad, etc just because people search for these keywords a lot with this SKU?

Their support … yes, tried that already but they don’t provide support unless I am paid customer. Their pricing starts at beautifully plentiful $1000 per month.