Can you setup an automatically email if a change is made "x" days before event date

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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to send an email to my team whenever an event in the airtable calendar/grid has a change made within 7 days before the event date listed in the grid/calendar.  We used the system to put all our event notes.  Example, if I change the guest count or menu option field last minute, could that trigger an automatic email to the designated email so my staff is notified of the change?  I don't need all changes to be emailed because normally they review the notes 7 days prior to an event. 

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Sure. Have a {last modified time} field that watches for changes in the select fields you are concerned about. Then have a formula field that uses DATETIME_DIFF() to see if there are less than 7 days between the last modified time and the event date. Trigger your email automation off of this formula field.

If there might be multiple data changes within the last 7 days, you may need yet another field to store the time of the modification, and have the formula field check that as well when deciding if there should be another email sent.