Change Start Date based of Predecessor Deadline

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I am looking at the template "Project Management" Template which has some good wireframes for my next project.


Let's say under "Mars Explorer," / "Design 3D Model" as shown below if I change the status to "In Progress," and my start date is a bit earlier, let's say 12/25/2023. When I make that selection and change the start date, the deadline will also change because the duration is set to 2 days. So far, so good.


Now, the next task in line "Develop interactive...." (the above item is its "Predecessor") will not have its start date moved by two dates (I am expecting the date to move to 12/27/2023). Is there a way to accomplish this for all Tasks whose Status is not "Done"?


I have a task template with all prerequisites created, and dates could fluctuate from time to time. I have some 60 tasks, for a given project, if dates change up in the chain, I have to manually adjust the dates down the line, which could be overwhelming and tedious. 



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Yeah I end up having to do this manually too; pushing dates down works, but moving dates up doesn't

Could try making an automation to handle it for you maybe?  Would need to have a script component to handle the date change though I think

Yeah... That's unfortunate. I was hoping for something simple 🙂