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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys! I run a small business where we sell vacant land and use airtable as a hub of property data.

We have three tables (that are sent to customers) 1. Current inventory with CASH prices, 2. Current inventory with FINANCING prices and 3. Current inventory for a specific sales agent

We have a status section for when a property is “available” or “pending”. Since we all work out of different tables, I wanted to see if there would be a way to create an automation that can update the status in ALL three tables when the status is changed in one? I have been trying to do it with update records in one, run two actions but I keep running into a “fix testing error”. so I am hoping someone more techy than me can provide some insight!

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I don’t think that that sounds like the best way to structure your database.

Instead of duplicating your inventory across 3 different tables, the ideal way to setup your system is to keep all of your inventory in just ONE table, but create 3 different views that you can work out of.

So instead of 3 different tables, you would have 3 different views.

Then, whenever you make a change to a status, you only need to update it once.

My free Airtable training course discusses views in great depth.

hmm yeah, I did forget to add that there are some differences between the tables that I wouldn’t want to be shown on the others (financing prices, etc) and I am not sure I am able to do that within the same table!

Yes, absolutely! Each view can be customized to only show the fields that you want to see!