Conditional Automation: removing a field from a record, if another field is present

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am trying to create an automation that will remove a selection from a record, if another selection is present. So as seen in the picture below, if a record has "Waitlist - Event 1" from the "Waitlist" field. It will REMOVE "Event 1" from the "Event(s) Attending" field.

1. This is so, once Event 1 has reached registration capacity (100 people for this example), all further registrations will have their form selection removed, replaced with the waitlist selection in the next field.

2. This will then send them an automated email informing them they have been waitlisted for whatever events have reached overcap.

3. The waitlist events are in their own table and are linked records, the information between event data and event data (waitlist) are 99% identical, with the only difference being the word "waitlist" is added to the name for email automation and identification purposes.


4. I have an "in progress" automation in place that will give the Waitlist event, once more than X records have entered that event's view, so there's no manual work to tracking the waitlist or event capacity, AirTable will do it for me (its currently off because of problem 1 below).




1. I can't figure out how to construct the automation, to remove Event 1 under the condition that the record contains Waitlist - Event 1. Because of this, people who registrar would get a confirmation email of Event 1, but also a waitlist email of event 1 which would be very confusing.

2. I read that a script may need to be involved or there is a find records method. However, due to the complexities of this base, what I was able to research can't be applied.

3. TLDR: Looking to remove Event X if the record contains Waitlist - Event X. To avoid double email confusion.

Some quick background
You can follow the below link to a previous post I made, seeking to automate emails based off selections. This is what I am using to create the automated emails for the confirmation email, and the waitlist email. 
Link: Solved: Re: Automated Email Based Off Multi-Select Option - Airtable Community

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