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4 - Data Explorer
I recently created my first automation with conditional formatting. This is a great feature that I will be able to get a lot of use from, however, the only condition group in my automation that is working properly is the first one. The run history will show that the others have worked, but my team isn't getting Slack messages from the automations like they're supposed to.  How do I fix this?


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7 - App Architect

Hi @cierramelling,

A potential fix would be to create two conditional actions.

Condition 1: If Project Lead has any of Cierra Melling > Send Slack Message

Condition 2: If Working Team has any of Cierra Melling > Send Slack Message

Hope that fixes it!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you for your prompt response, @Valentino_Escal!  Fortunately, both automations in the group pictured above are working.  Unfortunately, the other condition groups below the first one (pictured below) are not working, and there is a total of 25 conditional groups.  

I hope this helps to clarify the issue!



Hi @cierramelling 
Thanks for the screenshot it helps a lot. 

Just to confirm I understand this correctly, when the project lead or working team fields are updated in your base, only the first conditional group is working (you)? So for example, if the second person in this group is updated and not you, the automation wont run?

Note: I am only asking this as the conditional actions work only for one group. So if the field 'project lead' is updated in Airtable it will only run until it finds the person in the conditional group. Then the automation will stop.

p.s. Could provide a screenshot to the second conditional action (send a slack message) just to make sure you got the right trigger id as that could also cause an issue...

Hi @Valentino_Escal 

Yes, you are understanding correctly.  So, are you saying that the automation will only run until it finds me as the Project Lead in this case?  I did create the first conditional group with me, and continued to duplicate that group, changing the user, until I went through everyone who should be notified.

Here is a screenshot of the Slack message action.



Hi @cierramelling ,

Thanks for the screenshot. The automation should run in theory. However sometimes automations should work but don't work as accurately as needed. I think it might be because of the trigger and action relationship that you created. 

I can suggest another work around. I recommend creating two automations to make it more simple and accurate. One just for Project Lead and the second for Working Team. So it would go as follows:

Trigger: When a record is updated (Project Lead)

Conditional Actions: If Project Lead is Exactly (Cierra Melling)

Send a Slack Message (Same as you have it) 

Then test the first conditional action and if it works duplicate as needed.

Finally test the whole automation just for Project Lead (with all 25 conditional actions) and ensure it works as intended. Then once you are 100% sure the automation works duplicate the whole automation and make the changes to have Working Team.

p.s. To answer your question "So, are you saying that the automation will only run until it finds me as the Project Lead in this case?" The answer is yes, or whoever else is updated in the trigger you made. 

Please let me know if this solution works! 👌

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