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Create record using same linked records from submitted form in a different table

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Hello everyone,

My base consists of:

Leads are the main record, which can have everything else linked to it.

I have built two forms: One for logging interactions and one for creating new tasks. I’ve also created a formula to pre-fill a lot of the fields in the form whe it is of type :dizzy: Follow up. This is triggered through a button i created in an interface, and just pre-fills the form, since airtable doesn’t have default values.

"" & 
"prefill_Task%20type=" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT("💫 Follow up")  & "&" & 
"prefill_Focus%20area=" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT("💰 Biz dev")  & "&" & 
"prefill_Life%20Area=" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT( "👻 Blueghost")  & "&" & 
"prefill_%F0%9F%92%A7%20Status=" & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT("Open")

What I am trying to achieve
In order to speed up my workflow, I want to automatically create a follow up task, once I log an interaction with a lead. This should save me from having to fill two forms, and facilitate creating a task that should be linked to the the same Lead, contact, opportunity or whatever references were used in the interaction.

The task has a due date, so I would either need to pick the date or it should calculate +3 +5 or +7 days from now, week days.


I just logged an interaction:
Today (date)
Lead (redbull)
Contact (person X)

And now that should trigger a follow up task to be created, referencing the same lead and contacts from previously, of type follow up, priority I decide, some pre-filled fields I have and X date or auto-calculated date.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @Oliver_Gattermayr! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: That’s definitely doable via an automation. The trigger would be “When a form is submitted,” which would give you all the data from the form to use as source material for the new follow-up task. To aid in the date calculation for the new task, I suggest adding a formula field to the interaction table, using the WORKDAY() function to set the follow-up task the desired number of weekdays after the interaction. Once the form is submitted, that date will calculate and be available to the automation along with everything you added via the form.