Creating recurring events that are published to CMS

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I want to create an automation that creates different events based on a form submission and pushes them to our website. 80% of all the events organised are recurring and we have over 400 per month. Recurring in this case means weekly, bi-weekly, certain day of the month or certain day in a specific week.

Currently have two tables set-up (check table for internal purposes & live table). 

The live table contains all the events for the current month and are 2-way synced with the website.

Struggling with the events that take place after the current month. For the 80% recurring about 20% is able to small changes (e.g. same date, but different location or starting time). Whenever an event passed, the event itself is automatically swapped with a new upcoming one to maintain the live URL on the website, instead of creating new pages for every event.

What would be an efficient way to easily moderate the all the upcoming events? Do we have to set-up copy tables for all the months (January until December) throughout the year? Or would it be smarter to create all the events in the check table upon creation? Or would a coming up table that replaces the starting dates be smart here?

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Could you provide screenshots of your data with example input (the form submission) and expected output (the created records) please? 

Thanks!  You've provided the form that users would submit data with and example input data which is really helpful

Could you provide expected output please?  Specifically, what kind of records would this example input data result in?  Given that your data isn't in english, if you could point out the specific fields that affect the output and what they mean that would be helpful too

The expected output is a submission in the view I linked. Depending on the fields clicked (once a week, bi-weekly etc.) a certain X of records will be created for the coming 12 months in which the client can moderate the upcoming activities in this view.

Whenever the client hits OK for a specific record in the "moderate" base, a parent record linked to the activity will be replaced in the "live" base with the date for the current month.

Hope this helps!