Creating Round Robin assignments

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Looking to add an automation to an interface that will assign a record to someone based on an order. 

I found an article explaining how to set up the automation, but am getting stuck! 

In your collaborators field, have the following fields

  • a checkbox field indicating the next collaborator to be assigned. This checkbox should be selected for only one collaborator and will be managed by the automation
  • a linked record field stating who is the next collaborator after the current one. Make sure that every collaborator is linked in a circular fashion.

When the automation runs,

  1. Use a “Find records” action to find the one collaborator that is checked.
  2. Use a Update Record action to update the collaborator linked record of the triggering record to the record found in the “Find records” action.
  3. Use an Update Record action to clear the checkbox of the collaborator that was just used.
  4. Use an Update Record action to set the checkbox of the linked “next” collaborator.


I believe I am getting stuck on how to remove the check mark step in the automation. 

Thank you so much!!

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

I believe I am getting stuck on how to remove the check mark step in the automation. 

It is just another update record action where you set the checkbox field to blank.

If you need more help, post screen shots of what you have so far.