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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a a process automation that when a lead is converted to a customer (single select field), airtable automation create a new record in a client tab and a list of tasks to do accordingly.
I have 2 types of tasks, 1 for product 1 and 1 for product 2.
Everything works perflecty … however, when i selected 2 products for one customer I have a duplicate customer fields …
I checked with the delete duplicate script, but i want it to be automatic.
I attached screenshot, so maybe you can help … many thanks in advance ! Maybe there is some workaround with the automation set up. Is there anyway i can update when the client is existing, instead of creating a new line ?

thanks ! Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 18.00.35 Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 17.59.17

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I can think of a couple of ways to optimize this so that you don’t get duplicate client records, but they all involve script actions as part of the automation design. Until Airtable implements conditional logic and branching into the automation architecture, a script action is the only way to do this kind of advanced behavior. A script could search your client list for the client that is tied to a given product that led to a conversion. If that client is found, it links to the existing client record; otherwise it creates and links to a new client record.

Script actions in automations require that your base be in a Pro-plan workspace or higher. If your base meets that criteria but you’re not comfortable writing scripts, and you have a budget to cover development, message me and we can talk in more detail.

Hello Justin, and thanks for your reply
I did the script by my self since I asked the community
thanks !