Duplicate row from a table in another table automation in airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

hi there i have an issue using the automation in airtable.
I have 2 tables in one base

What i want:

  • when i create a new record in table 1 airtable automatically creates this records in table 2
    with all selected fields (status, date, name…)
  • all my fields in table 2 are populated with the step1/ table 1 fields

my automation creates a new records row but all fields are empty.
when i run the test to check my automation everything works fine
same when i create a duplicate record from table 1

Is there a setting to change or something?
thanks for your help

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Can you maybe post a screenshot of automation in question, its kinda hard to figure out what is wrong if we don’t know how did you setup your automation.

On the side note, if you are manually creating new record, as soon as you press add new record automation triggers and basically copy the record you created before you populate it with all the information, it copies empty new record. Workaround for this is that you use form to populate your new record because form populates all fields at same time, or maybe make so your automation have delayed triggering so you manage to populate all fields before it triggers.

Unless the record from Table 1 was created via a form or API call (or duplicated from a record which had fields filled in), all fields which are not calculated will come in as empty.

You should probably should be using “when record enters a view” or “when record meets conditions” so that the automation waits until the appropriate fields get filled in before it copies the record to a different table.