Duplicate summary during automation that links records across tables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey all,

I've set up an Airtable automation that links every new [Payment] record to a [Monthly summary] record - or creates a new Monthly summary record and links to that if one doesn't already exist.

When a payment is added, the automation searches the Monthly summary table by its ID; if it finds a record there it will link the new payment record to that existing Monthly summary; if it doesn't find a record it will create a new Monthly summary and then link the Payment.

It all works fine for individual entries - however, I need to import a large amount of payment data from an old system, and when I test even a few records, it duplicates the Monthly summary entries - i.e. it doesn't realise that one already exists and adds a new one - I think probably because multiple automations are firing simultaneously rather than 'queuing' them and firing them one after the other.

Here's a quick video showing what should happen and what's actually happening:

Is there a workaround for this? New app goes live to team tomorrow so somewhat urgent! 😅

Thanks in advance!


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