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4 - Data Explorer

hi, i created an automation to send out confirmation emails after the submission of a form. it worked successfully until i changed the name of a field. now, when the automation is triggered and the email is sent, that particular field is missing from the email text (it just shows a blank where the field value should be). i tried to edit the automation to specify that field again, but the set-up only shows the field with its former name and does not show the updated field name. i have tried deleting it from the automation and re-adding it, but the result is the same: no field value in the output. how can i fix this?

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Hi @Eco-Just_Food_Networ ,

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The reason you see the field with its old name is because you did not test the automation from the start again. Meaning, you need to choose a record to Trigger / Test again, this will bring the new field name. IF the field is coming from another step, you need to test all the steps from the start (generating a preview doesn’t change the table data so no need to worry).

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