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4 - Data Explorer

our airtable is automated in sending email notification whenever a new data is added in google calendar. however, i've noticed recently that it sends email notifications excessively and was wondering how to fix it. it's excessive to a point where if you just adjust the time in an event in calendar, it sends email notifs as seen below. 

  • the trigger to the action is "when a google calendar event changes"
  • even though i can change the script logic to only add the guest if the change in event was a new guest, it will still run the automation and therefore count towards the number of automations run each month
  • is there a way to figure out why the google calendar events are changed? i can't see it when looking into it

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 3.56.49 AM.png

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Are the events that are being changed single events or recurring events?

hi! any events changed, updated, or added to the calendar, it sends excessive notification. the notification event includes all the past events. 

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm also seeing this issue recently. I'm getting thousands and thousands of triggers every day, for every recurring event on my calendar... up to multiple years ago! It's blowing through my automation budget for the month in just a day or two.

Something clearly broke in AirTable's Google Calendar trigger integration.

what worked for me was deleting the automation and creating a new one!