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4 - Data Explorer

I'm new to Air Table and having trouble finding a solution for this. I want to press a button to update a record with some information provided by the user. So on hitting the button I want it to set one field to "Completed" (which is fine), one field to todays date (which the work around seems to be having a formula on the table that this can be grabbed from) and the name of one of our team. Ideally the name of our team member would be selected from a drop down but I would settle for them typing it in somewhere. Is this possible?

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Yes, this is possible, but it might not look the way you are envisioning. How this would happen depends on if you are in a grid view or in an interface. 

A button in a grid view is a button field. The button would trigger a script that would open in the right side fly-out panel. The script could set the field values and ask the user for input. This method requires knowledge of scripting. 

A button in an interface is a button element. Because you want to update multiple fields with dynamic values, you need a button that triggers an automation, versus a button that updates a record. In order to get the user input, you need to create a field that can hold the user input.

Another option might be to have a {completed by} single-select or user field and an automation with no button. When the {completed by} field is set, that triggers an automation that fills in the other two fields. 

When you say "a field that can hold the user input" can you provide a suggestion please? I've added record pickers that look at a table but I can't see a way for automations to pull from that kind of element. What kind of fields hold user input?

Actual fields in the table can hold user input. The value of a record picket cannot be used in an automation or script.