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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Has anybody created a google chat message automation without having to use a third party tool like so send messages to people in your google chat when a new record is added or updated?

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Hi @Ian_james_Duncan, and welcome to the community!

Yep - client hired me to create it using this Google Apps Script API. With script actions, it’s possible to mimic the events that call to a webhook server in Google Apps Script; then push the messages using the Chat API.

what sort of cost would that be?

Also do you know anything about auto generating documents?

It depends on the deeper requirements -

  • What data [exactly] needs to be pushed into the chat stream?
  • What data from the chat stream needs to be pushed back into Airtable?
  • Are there any requirements to have the integration work like a chat bot? (i.e., type certain commands in chat and retrieve and display Airtable data in the chat session?